I’ve been suffering from very hard persistent re flux with or without eating for almost like one year?

Hello doctor ;
My name is (…) and i would be grateful if u can read my case and give an advice .

First I’ve been suffering from very hard persistent re flux with or without eating for almost like one year and maybe more , i did an endoscopy a year ago and it showed h.pyloi , then i was prescribed the triple therapy and i repeated it twice cause the pain was still there and wasnt gone .

Then i finished the course i kept on taking a lot of proton pump inhibitors shifting from one to another without any progress in my condition , it was actually getting worse .
Iv been in this for like more than one year i got so frustrated because feeling nothing is working and on the other side fearing my condition might get more worse or develop cancer as a result of prolonged re flux all the time with or without eating .
So i would be grateful to hear your advice please .

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Ayman Darrag
6:22 am

Hi and welcome to question doctors .com
Reflux can be caused due to many reasons … H.pylori ,stress ,hiatal hernia are among them..
So we need to make sure first that h.pylori is no more there by doing a stool h.pylori test.
Have your endoscopy showed any thing like hiatal hernia?
Are you stressed?
Do you sleep in upright position?
Are you subsiding all acidic foods and caffeine? And foods that aggrevate symptoms?

Nouran Maamdouh
8:34 am

It seems that your treatment has not been successfully eliminating the H.pylori bacteria.
This is why you need another test to be done .
Then try alkaline diet.
Breathing exercise .

Ahmed Fawzy
12:00 pm

Do a a stool culture for C Diff
Cause u may have your helpfull intestinal bacteria killed
Also check your adrenaline levels
Another posdibility is that you are under alot of pressure
Finnally there is the possibility of a mass stuck on your stomach wall u will need an endoscope done