I’ve had watery, glassy eyes for almost a year now…what is the cause?

Hello. I’ve had watery, glassy eyes for almost a year now. My eyes constantly look sick, as if I had a flu. In december last year my ophtamologist told me that my eyes were dry (he performed no test to determine that, I don’t know if maybe there are some) and prescribed me HYLO-COMOD eyedrops. However, these didn’t help much. After few months he prescribed Hypromeloza-P for ten days, which also didn’t help in terms of getting rid of that sick look. I’ve had my hemogram done last week due to constant fatigue and malaise and everything seems fine. RDW CV is 15, 2, the reference values being up to 15, but I suppose that is neglectable. I have no difficulties raising my eyelids in the morning, but they feel stingy sometimes. What could be the cause of this “sick look”?

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11:10 am

if the eyes are watery constantly, then there are only 2 possibilities, either its due to dryness of the conjunctiva or vision problems. nothing else eems to be wrong to me.
you can take a second opinion from another opthalmologist.