Question: Leg falls asleep throughout the day?

So, I recently discovered about a month ago that two vertebrae in my lower spine are compressed together (shown in the x-ray, vertebrae L4 and L5). Because of this, I could barely lift my left leg off the ground, it hurt on my upper/outer butt area. It was ok if I bent my knee, but I can not lift my leg when it is straight. Walking too much hurts extremely bad and so does sleeping(when I readjust). I started going to the chiropractor about a month ago and he said that my spine is probably pinching nerves on my left side. I ve been going there twice a week for a month and a half but some new problems showed up. About a week ago, my same left leg started to fall asleep. This happens everyday now constantly coming on and off throughout the day. The numbness/ pins and needles go from my upper left butt all the way down my leg and to my foot. I have no idea what is going on and I would appreciate anyone s help!

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6:25 am

you are having a prolapsed intervertebral disc causing the nerve to be compressed in lower back.
its not a good sign if the leg is getting numb. you need to see an orthopaedic surgeon and start lumbar traction, physiotherapy for 15 days. get an mri done.
take analgesics and methycobal tablets.