Question: I suffer scalp dandruff like fungal infection …. thrown out of the clinic

Hello My …age 22, male.
I’m suffering from scalp dandruff like bacteria or fungal infection since almost 1& a 1/2 year..
Initially I didn’t knew what is it, as every monsoon I used to have hairfall but last year it was different and was very rigid. Losing abundant of hairs I felt there was something strange. I also tried to apply onion paste which I think just aggravated the issue.

Just 5 months back I had shaved my scalp and found a cluster of fungus poop like structure all around the head and I was shocked. Started taking some anti bacterial lotions for around 2week and left. For sometime it started depleting and almost gone however after 2-3 weeks it resurrected again. I don’t think there is any cure for this and surprisingly had also affected my younger brother and I’m too worried about it. Facing little bit of mental trauma not because Im suffering from this but because I have let it happen to my brother as well

Currently I am applying “Candid B lotion” because it just reduces it but I don’t know whether I would get any permanent cure for it.
Im started feeling that I never used to have hairs.

But one thing is that I have shaved at least for 4-5 times my head and its showing a good sign that it is as good condensed as it used to be before this infection. I’m literally fed up of this and I don’t know how far I can tolerate this thing, as it is affecting my studies , my career , my personality as a whole. Please help me, the specialist I met is too arrogant does not see the whole picture and just throws you out the clinic with a list of medicines and asks to meet again after a month

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6:20 am

first thing you should do is stop going to that rrogant specialist. doctors should be polite and have a patient-caring attitude.

u have severe fungal infection in the scalpe and can definitely be cured, both in u, and your brother.
u need to take antifungal tablets orally as well as anti fungal local creams.
it will take time to heal, but it will.
dont worry. consult another dermatologist