Question: Reddish and yellowish kind of substance coming from my vagina?

hello Doctor,yesterday I experienced a substance which was reddish and yellowish kind of coming from my vagina I got happy thinking my periods had finally appeared after a eight months await without seeing them but the process didn’t last long and the substance stopped coming but then my tummy has been paining me severely like something is twisting me inside and some days back I experienced a bad headache and backache.what do you think is wrong?

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6:16 am

there seem to be a similar substance that may have still remained inside your uterus causing incomplete discharge of the substance. it may be blood clots, mixed with endometrial substance. u should get a usg abdomen done to see the remnants in the uterus.
take anti spasmodics for the pain till then
consult a gynecologist if the symptoms are severe.