My baby had immunization in UK and he should have done the third shot but can’t?

Im a mum living in UK. I would like just ask something about my baby. He started his vaccine for the immunisation in UK and he should have done the third shot on the 18th of January but we are in italy for family problems and we will back in UK at the end of February. Is it a problem? My son has to repeat all of the shots if we are so late? Please can you help me? From here i can t contact the doctor

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Ahmed Fawzy
1:09 am

You can catch up on DTaP vaccination schedule when your back , you won t need to start over
Good Luck

5:10 am

no ,its not necessary to repeat all the shots.
You can take the scheduled dose in february after returning home.
1 month delay is acceptable.
however,you should inform your doctor about this beforehand.

Ayman Darrag
6:43 am

it is possible for your baby to get his missed vaccination at a later date. However, it is strongly recommended to follow the proper time schedule
No need to repeat if taken as soon as possible..
I believe you can find hospitals in Italy also that can give him the third shot and get a certificate with that so you can record it when you return to UK..

Masr Fawzy
11:31 pm

How old is your child now ??