Question: My boy friend and I have been diagnosed with Chlamydia..he is re infected?

Back in April, my boy friend and I had been diagnosed with Chlamydia and both of us received one dose of Azithromycin. Prior to April my boyfriend did not experience any symptoms nor after taking the medication. Recently, in September – approximately 5 months after taking the dose, he has been feeling symptoms, I wanted to know what is the likelihood that the antibiotics did not cure him? He claims he has not had any sexual interaction with anyone else, is it possible that he re-infected himself in the genital area? (I read that the Chlamidya bacteria, although clears up in genitals can live in the gut?)

Swelling on pubic bone, penile discharge, pain in one testicle, pain in ankles

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6:59 am

i understand your concern. its actually very rare to get reinfected by chlamydia without having sexual intercourse with a infected partner.
the tablet he took must have definitely worked at that time and it doesnt seem to be the issue here.

the organisms do remain in dormant stage in gut, but these can get active only if his immunity falls down considerably.

i suggest that you should consult a doctor for sure.