Question: Pain and stiffness in my hands…I have very limited resources

For some weeks I have been experiencing pain and stiffness in my hands in the morning. Eventually the pain in my right hand has almost gone away while my left hand has gotten much worse. The pain does not seem joint-related – being mostly in the palm when I try to close my fingers as in making a fist. I am unable to make a fist – the stiffness prevents my fingers from closing. The pain can be significant. After I move my fingers several times I can get improved movement but never full movement and the pain in the palm still remains. Taking Aleve eases the pain without movement but making a fist is still very painful. This pain is somewhat disturbing because I cannot imagine a cause that is easily resolved.

I am a 64 yo Male, obese, diabetic, and with mobility problems linked to a spinal MRI that resembles a train wreck (lumbar) I have had two rounds of epidural steroid injections that helped me regain the mobility I have now. I also experience frequent instances of numbness/tingling (going to sleep) in my left arm than could be related to the hand pain but I cannot make a connection.

Do I need to see a doctor and if I do what specialty should I choose first? I have very limited resources and only Medicare coverage.

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6:56 am

u seem to have tendinitis of the muscle tendons that are meant to make finger movements and make fist. these may be early signs of a entity called trigger finger, usually commonly seen in diabetics at your age.

you should consult a orthopedician for sure. he can help you with it.