Question: My boyfriend has an extra bone in his leg?

My boyfriend has an extra bone in his leg. It’s almost in his calf on the side, and he has it on both legs. His brother has it, as well, and nobody has any idea what it could be. We would like some clarification. They’ve had it their entire lives.

extra bone in leg

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6:51 am

these are osteochondromas , a kind of bone outgrowths that are hereditary and usually cause no complications over the lifetime, unless its hit by something.
u can get a xray done to see the extent of the growth,just for curiosity.

these wont reduce in size. wont cause any pain. these can be removed with a bony surgery, but its only for cosmetic purpose and wont cause any variation in ones life span.

if at all,these growths start to get abnoramaaly big or start hurting,then they need medical attention.