My daughter has a ring around her iris is it a kayser-Freischer ring?

I have a 24 month old daughter who haven’t had any medical problem since birth. Recently on checking her eyes i noticed a brown ring around her iris (as seen on the attached image) and iam worried if this is a kayser-Freischer ring, an indication of a liver disease.


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Ahmed Fawzy
6:03 am

Yes it is kayser-Freischer ring
This could be wilson disease
I recommend serum bilirubin ,Serum aspartate transaminase ,

Ahmed Fawzy
6:05 am

And Prothrombin time to confirm

Sorry posted to 2 parts by mistake
Good luck

Ayman Darrag
6:33 am

It could be normal pigmentation.
How long have this been there?
Kayser-freicher rings are possible but needs to be related with other symptoms and genetic and family history as it is an inherited disorder.
Have an Ophthalmologist verify Kaysers, and an internist run a Wilson’s screening.

11:45 am

you seem to be right.
this can be KF ring.
consult an opthalmologist immediately.
get liver function tests and ultrasound abdomen done.

prashant gaikwad
11:42 am

KF ring for sure.
get opthalmologist opinion.
are there any other liver related symptoms?

Masr Fawzy
1:07 pm

Most probably wilson disease,

Do serum ceruloplasmin level and liver function test..