Question: My father is diabetic, what type of additional nutritional supplements can he take?

Hi, My father is Type II diabetic (53 years old) and currently he has a sugar level of 125. However, he gets tired easily and seems really weak these days. I want to know what type of additional nutritional supplements he can take to make sure his body gets all the right nutrition it needs at that age?

He is diabetic since last 15 years and no one else in our family has diabetes (no family history of diabetes). He is taking Storvas-10, Amaryl.2, Glycomet 3/450, Vobose 0.3 for diabetes.

Thank you!

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7:12 am

he can take protein powder supplements that are specially made for diabetic patients and are not sugar based.

such powders contain all the essential ingredients like vitamins , minerals, proteins and amino acids needed for healthy body.
2 tsp in a glass of milk, daily will be sufficient