My husband has been sick for a week has cold sweat, feels nauseated and dizzy?

My husband has been sick for a week or so and his dr put him on an antibiotic an inhaler and some cough syrup with codeine. Today at work he was sitting at his desk and broke out in a cold sweat and felt nauseated and dizzy. He leaned back in his chair and apparently passed out because he woke up and had vomited all down his shirt. Could you please tell me what you think that may have been?

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Ayman Darrag
10:11 pm

For me I think it is a chest infection with increased phlegm viscosity and intensity which caused irritation to gag reflex .
Let him drink plenty of warm fluids and water.
Avoid cold air breathing.

Masr Fawzy
6:27 am

Chest infection is usually followed by GIT infection due to transmission of bacteria and purulent ingested mucous،
Its gonna be treated with the antibiotic taken for chest infection

The dizziness is due to the cough syrup with codeine, one of its side effects , try go take this medication jusr before sleep

8:47 am

this may have been due to gastritis induced vasovagal shock due to higher antibiotics.
get his blood pressure checked.
consult a physician and find out the exact cause so that it does not happen again.

Ahmed Fawzy
10:11 am

In my opinion voimiting is just codeine side effects + sever dehydration
I recommend you keep up his fluid intake
Also to be safe do an ecg

Good Luck