My immune system is deficient in the 1gG3 classification, please advise?

Chest congestion, sinus congestion, inner ear canal has fluid moving around.

My immune system is deficient in the 1gG3 classification. Currently, I cough and have to hold my chest because of the pain. I seem to be on a 3-4 week cycle of getting sick. I call my asthma doctor who prescribes an antibiotic over the internet. I had this 3 weeks ago but it was better for a week or so after an antibiotic and prednizone. Getting into the doctor takes days and I don’t trust the urgent care facilities. The doctors seem to be inexperienced. Should I go to the emergency room this time? How do I know if I am in real danger of the congestion affecting my ability to live?

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Dr.Honey Arora
9:17 am

Thanks for the query..

Well individuals with low IgG levels tend to get infection more frequently as IgG antibodies are responsible for preventing infection in the body..
So in case of IgG deficiency the body tend to get frequent infection..
So you should consult an Immunologist and get evaluated and IgG replacement therapy can help in reducing the frequency of infection..
In case if you get infection you should immediately get a proper treatment to avoid worsening..

Hope this helps..


Masr Fawzy
12:38 pm

Your immune deficiency condition makes you more liable to experience more frequent infections ,

Discuss with your specialist the options of infection control, life style modifications and even prophylactic antibiotics if needed

Seek the ER help if you find yourself with obvious increase in the work of breathing, high grade fever above 38 ,
Shortness of breathing not responding to treatment,
May be you need a specific regimen of cortisone and beta 2 agonist to relieve your asthma symptoms as well

You need a team of both immunologist and pulmonologist

Good luck

Ayman Darrag
4:30 pm

Your problem is a chronic one ,so ER can be sought only in cases of severe breathing difficulty and wheezing of chest,however you need to see an immunologist to get a good treatment plan for improving your immunity with vitamins and life style modification , also a pulmonologist will prescribe b2 agonist and corticosteroid to control the symptoms , also you can get acetylecysteine effervescent to reduce the viscosity of the secretions drink plenty of water and warm drinks, ginger can help you also avoid useless intake of antibiotics as this will destroy your immunity.

Ahmed Fawzy
4:47 pm

If you have blood in cough or if you feel unable to breath while lying down then You need to go to ER immediately, on the long run you will need IGg replacement therapy
Good Luck