My mom has developed a large black spot on the bottom of her foot?

My mom is type 1 diabetic and has very limited mobility due to not fully recovering from her last fracture in August. She had a rod placed in her tibia. She has developed a large black spot on the bottom of her foot and it’s very swollen all the way up to her knee. She saw her orthopedic Dr who gave her antibiotics. I’m concerned and not sure an orthopedic doctor was the best one to see. Should she get it checked by a different type of doctor? Can antibiotics fix this?

Age: 63
General Information: Diabetes, osteoporosis,. Gastroparesis, heart disease, high blood pressure. High blood pressure meds and insulin.

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Dr. Deepak Patel
10:03 am

Hello. Could be a bacterial infection. If so, antibiotics would work. Could also be a Pressure Ulcer or Diabetic Foot Wound. The black spot can be a sign of necrosis due to inadequate supply of blood to tissue. A Dermatologist is best to confirm skin disorder. A Podiatrist for foot disorders.

Dr.Honey Arora
7:51 am

Hi. Such a large black spot can be simply a bruise from any injury but in case if she has not suffered any trauma or injury and as she is already Diabetic, therefore it should be taken into immediate care as it can be Gangrenous Necrosis due to loss of blood supply in the area.. It can continue to spread laterally as well as deeper.. So my suggestion is to consult a General Surgeon or a Podiatrist and get her checked. If needed a scan can be done for confirmation.. Antibiotics can help only if there is infection and not… Read more »