My mom was diagnosed with meningiomas just a couple of days ago, is it safe for her to take a flight?

My mom is about to take a flight of about 4 hours. She was diagnosed with meningiomas just a couple of days ago, the tumor was of size 5.8 cm, situated at right front temporal. I was wondering if it is safe for her to take the flight because I read that people with brain tumor were not advised to fly. I am not sure if she should take the flight. She has recent become sensitive to buses on bumpy road, but she is not bothered at all if buses is on the highway or better roads or have any car ride. I suppose that the tumor may have caused this problem. But I could be wrong on this. In any case, I would like to know if it is safe for her to take the flight. Any precaution or medicine for her on the trip?


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Ayman Darrag
7:40 am

Hi,sorry to hear that about your mother, although it is not advised but it is still possible since the tumor is meningioma and benign,the risk is she may experience some headache with the plane movement specially in abrupt motions..
If she is having no physical manifestations due to the brain tumor, i believe it would be safe so far.
Good luck

Dr.Honey Arora
8:52 am

Meningiomas are commonly benign in nature and of there are no other associated complication like Cerebral edema that can cause increased intracranial pressure during flight or any risk of seizure then she can fly without any problems..
So first of all get a confirmation done from her Physician and then proceed accordingly..

Hope she gets better soon..


Ahmed Fawzy
9:57 am

If she had no Seizure or fever lately due to this meningiomas , then it is safe to say she can take the flight, make sure she is chewing gum in landing , take off and in any turbulence
Good Luck