Question: My mother is weak – confusion and slow speech What can i give her?

My mother is weak, whenever she eats, she vomits, She got dehydration symptoms?? Confusion and slow speech or response? She hasnt urinated in more than 12hrs. What can i give her??We went to hospital few days ago and they few meds but she is not better.

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5:25 am

she is definitely dehydrated and thats causin slow spech and confusion due to electrolyte imbalance.
give her lemon juice,sugar, fruit juices, ors , cocoonut water every 2 hourly.
give anti emetics tablets for vomitting.

she has not urinated because she has no fluid in her body. let her drink lots of water .

if she doesnt respond with this in 24 hours, then consult a doctor and get blood tests done.