My son had DTap, Polio, Chicken Pox, and MMR Vaccines now can barely move?

My son just got his vaccines today for his four year old check up. He got DTap, Polio, Chicken Pox, and MMR Vaccines. But since he got home from the doctor’s, he has been complaining about his thighs and legs hurting. He walks around limping and can barely move. What can I do to help him? Should I take him to the hospital?

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Ayman Darrag
10:32 pm

Hi ..
This is very normal after those injections,
Cold water compress with starch powder can help ..
Cetal syrup and anti bruise creams are good choices..
Do not worry ..

Ahmed Fawzy
12:13 am

This is common 4th or 5th DTaP vaccine side effects , yet take him to the hospital to be under doctors supervision , you can try cold application and compression ,allso check him for fever
Good Luck k

2:33 am

this is post-injection malaise with bodyache.
happens with vaccines generally and subsides within 2 days.
give paracetamol twice / thrice a day depending upon the symptoms.
do not apply heat to the injected part to avoid abscess formation.

Masr Fawzy
6:18 pm

Wait and see, give him analgesics, not to worry , normal reaction, but if it persists , u ll need to do full examination and investigate