My son has been experiencing leg pain we are not getting any answers and he’s suffering?

My son will be 7 in a few weeks. The past 2 years he has been experiencing leg pain. It originally started out with transient synovitis. He has had 4 x-rays and 1 blood test and 1 ultra sound in the past 2 years and nothing shows up. He is constantly complaining. His left leg sometimes gives out on him when he is just walking. He does not have a limp or any swelling or redness.
I am getting really frustrated because we are not getting any answers and he’s suffering.

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Ayman Darrag
1:03 am

Which part exactly is the pain? Knee or leg or ankle?
İs there any history for recurrent tonsilitis?injuries, falling..
That could be lot of things but mostly a soft tissue problem for either the knee or the leg itself..I recommend seeing a kinesiology specialist as it could be also mechanical problem .

Ahmed Fawzy
6:16 am

Do an MRI and check for congenial absence of ACL, your expression his leg gives out on him points to this direction, once you confirmed this reconstruction should be done
Hope you give me feedback on what you find
Good Luck

Dr.Honey Arora
12:08 pm

Thanks for the query..

Can you tell the exact area of pain?
Is the pain always present or occurs only on exertion?
Is the pain localised to an area or is it diffused to the entire leg?
Is he involved in any sports?
Can you get a recent MRI done and upload the reports?

Please revert back..