My wife is not eating, without medical insurance will likely end up dead?

My wife is 42 y/o and has had 3 C- sections and her tonsils removed. Other than that, not much else. Over the past several months a condition that she is suffering from has worsened to where she almost can’t eat and sometimes can’t drink water without choking. Not sure if this is a chiropractic issue an ear, nose and throat thing. She is starving to death and without medical insurance will likely end up dead.

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Ahmed Fawzy
10:32 pm

This is a clearly blockage to Gastrointestinal track
U need to preform an endoscopy right away

Ayman Darrag
7:02 am

Hi and welcome to question
It is mostly a larengyeal or esophageal disorder..
Get an endoscopy done..after though if nothing shows up.check a neurologist for ceanual nerve injury.