My wrist is swollen, hurts so bad can’t go to work.

My wrist has been swollen for a week now I have tried putting an ice pack on it for 3 days and keep it elevated. It hurts so bad that last night I could go to work this morning. Why or what is causing this to happen to me.

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Ayman Darrag
3:24 pm

If you did not get injured recently! and u did not have history of rhuematic activity…
It is likely a joint capsule inflammation would be caused by overuse ..
Keep resting it,you can use a bandage support(not tight..
use some antiinflammatory gels …
if it got swollen then you have to see an orthopedist and do an XRI..

11:10 am

hi, if there was any traums to the wrist, then this can be caused due to internal injury.
if there was no trauma, then it may have happened due to sprain unknowingly or may be a joint inflammation .
if ice packs and elevation dont help, then get an xray done, take anti inflammatory and fibrinolytic tablets.compression bandage will help
consult a orthopedist.