I suffer from fatigue and body pain for 2 years… is it STDs or cancer?

Hi Doc,
I am a 28 yr old male, for the past 2 years experiencing various symptoms like Fatigue, Body Pain & Bumps. My major & frequent symptom is fatigue & body pain, initially this occurred 3 to 6 months once but now it’s like once in every month. Once the symptoms start to hit I will feel very tired and whole body will be in pain like I am going to have fever, it will continue until a week and goes off after that no use even if I take paracetamol it will remain for 1 week and goes off itself. Beginning I thought I had some fever but the hospital I visited mentioned my temperature is normal, I had consulted one or more doctors who had concluded me that it’s because of STRESS. I have been tested for CBC (Full blood test), Thyroid, Ultrasonic for kidneys, VDRL, Hepatitis and even HIV where all turned out to be normal. More than once & in different period of time I got tested for WBC where the doctors said I have no infection and all my counts are normal. For record I had sex with protection in the past.
Over the past 2 months I managed to change my lifestyle like extending my hours of sleep to 7 & half hours to 8 hours (Before I used to sleep only 6 hours max.) and working out my body 5 days a week. But still I am experiencing the symptoms more often unlike before as the fatigue & body pain now started to occur twice in a month. I am totally confused & annoyed and no idea in what direction I should move forward like should I continue to look out for more tests on STD types of diseases or else should I test for cancer or any other tests. Kindly be advised.

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Ayman Darrag
3:46 pm

Hi Bro…
No one will Have STD or cancer and gets all his tests out normal for years…
your symptoms is referring to severe stress or anxiety disorder.
you have to do some type of physical activity,sports and yoga..
try to reduce your stress with doing things you love and doing unprotected sex Many years ago doe not mean you have got STD..

Have a good day

Ram Vijay
Ram Vijay
2:53 am

Hi Doc
Thanks for your valuable advise & conclusion, like i said in my initial post i have been working on my lifestyle (More hours of sleep & Physical activities) and if this is my key to get rid of the symptoms i am experiencing then sure i will continue to do it. So to conclude i need not look out for any medications or further tests/checkup to be done for my ongoing symptoms ?

11:13 am

if all tests are negative,then no chance of any stds or cancer. you can get a whole body scan to rule out anything major.
fibromyalgia or any muscle disorder can cause such symptoms in rare cases.
consult a doctor and get the relevant tests done.

meditation,yoga and tolerable exercises can help.

6:10 am

No ram.. i dont think you should go for any more tests or investigations.