Question: Pain for over a year below my belly button, on both sides-want to vomit

Hi I am a otherwise healthy 58 year old male but I have had pain for over a year below my belly button, on both sides. If I stand for over 30 min or try to walk a block I am in pain , turn white and want to vomit. I have had MRI and CT scan that has found no problems there. I have a large kidney stone that is to large to pass and has to be dealt with. Could the stone be causing the pain? Thank you

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7:03 am

HI.. kidney stone pains are usually located in the lower back on both sides of the central spine. if the stone is in the kidney, the the pain wont radiate anywhere else and will cause only low back pain. only if the stone or some of its tiny particles travel down the ureter into the bladder,then the pain travels from loin to groin below the belly button. but this pain has nothing to do with standing for 30 min. it will come anytime when the stone passes down. either it may be irritable bowel or weak abdominal muscles, early chances… Read more »