Pain in my lower back down the back of my left leg, is it a torn or pulled ligament?

I have a pain in my lower back down the back of my left leg. Feels like a cramp sometimes. I dont remember hurting it. Just started to happen 3 days ago. When I walk my left foot is difficult to lift. Toes don’t want to raise up. Is it a torn or pulled ligament in my foot?

Age: 45
Medications: Cypro BP meds

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9:45 am

A ligament tear would be a localized pain with some swelling and with difficulty walking. It seems you are suffering from sciatica due to a pinched or inflamed sciatic nerve. Probably from the L4 nerve root. This should resolve by itself after 4 – 6 weeks. You should apply hot and cold packs. Take OTC pain medication. Exercise. Try stretching your legs by placing them one at the time on a chair and cross your other knee over it. If pain persists consult your doctor. Get an MRI.