Question: Pain lower right abdomen, feels like being torn, pain when breathing what can it be?

I’ve been having pains on my low right abdomen for 3 days. it hurts more when I’m about to release gas, when I’m walking feels like my abdomen is being torn. when I sit I feel more pressure on it, have to sit with my left side to feel less pain. I also get pain when I’m lying down and breathing … what can it be?

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Ayman Darrag
9:48 pm

This would be probably an abdominal muscle strain
have you been coughing or sneezing vigorously recently?
or have you carried sth heavy?
if so then it is probably a muscle strain… u can use ice application for a few days then hot foments

the other possibility is an inflammation of the ascending colon or a spastic colon. but this depends on your history whether you have complained from gastrointestinal disorder before?..

10:58 am

it seems to be an early appendicitis, or a gut inflammation.
try using anti spasmodics and hot fomentation with pro biotic tablets.
if it doesnt get relieved, then get a usg abdomen done to find out whats wrong.