Pap results: (+) AGC, should I now progress to LEEP and/or cold knife?

Seeking Gyn/Oncology advice for following scenario: Never had abnormal pap before. This year at annual check, 1st pap done while on monistat treatment returned (+)AGC; followed by colposcopy,cervical & uterine bx’s all(-); NS Ultrasound(-); repeat pap(-) 6wks after 1st pap. Age 52yrs w/menses still that has been decreasing in freq over past year.Should I now progress to LEEP and/or cold knife?

Age: 52
Medications: allegra

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Arti Sharma
6:36 am

Which treatment would be beneficial to you depends on your clinical situation and lab results. I suggest that if your disease is progressing have a frank discussion with your treating doctor and the pros And cons of each treatment.Take care and keep me posted!

Arti Sharma
6:42 am

LEEP is a safe and cost effective with less complications compared to cold knife.LEEP with an endocervical excision to reduce residual CIN.Its best that you discuss with your treating doctor.

Ahmed Fawzy
9:35 am

If you do not wana worry about it again use cold knife
Leep is not permanent
I would go with cold knife
Good Luck