Question: Chest pain, arm pain, dizzy….should I be worried?

A few days ago when i was drinking, i got this burning pain in my chest. I went to bed and it was still there the next day and in the evening I started to panic so i went to a and e. They checked my blood pressure and the electricity through my heart. I was sent away with some lansoprazole and told to take it daily and they said my heart and lungs feel fine. Today and yesterday, ive been getting pain in my chest rather than a burning feeling and I’ve felt it in my arm as well. Ive also felt dizzy during the day and tired after waking up. Should i be getting worried?

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6:39 am

there is nothing to be worried about. it doesnt seem to be related to heart. its a gastritis problem and will go away. take antacids two times a day for 5 days.
if symptoms persist, you can anytime consult a cardiologist and get a 2d- echo of heart done.