Question: Muscles spasms cause changes to urinary tract muscles…bladder…is it permanent?

…I experienced what felt like a muscle spasm in what felt like muscles at the base of your testicles, (the muscles you clench when you are trying to hold in urine or release fully to urinate)…it happened 2 years ago, and after it first happened, it happened again several months later, and after it happened again No one has been able to tell me what this muscle spasm was or seemed to think it was significant … As a result I can tell when urinating it feels different, and like my stream doesn’t have as much force as normal) I can also tell when going number 2 that the widening muscle motion of the anus when relaxing to go number 2 does not open as wide, it feels like it gets “stuck” before being able to relax fully, and I don’t have the ability to relax it further as to how wide it used to go…. the front urination muscles feel the same, like I don’t have the ability to relax them and open them as far or wide as they normally go…all the things that happened (reduced range of relaxing front /back muscles to urinate/defecate and reduced sensation all occurred immediately after the spasm) …I have gone to a urologist about this, who said I have a tight pelvic floor, and recommended I see a pelvic floor therapist, which Ive seen once, and have 4 more appointments with over the course of the next 3-4 months…3 weeks now with pretty much no improvement or change, they might even be making it worse to be honest…I am trying to figure out why it happened, and if it is possible
to get back to the normal range of motion I used to have when relaxing to either urinate or go number 2…
Ive had a cystoscopy (no scarring, nothing found) , and have an MRI of my lower spine to check the nerves next month, however the urologist said hes 99% positive the MRI will show nothing wrong, and just want it done to rule it out. The urologist says its an issue with the pelvic floor being too tight/sluggish and possibly weak at the same time. Which I tend to agree with due to the years spent slouching and sitting.I have spent probably over a hundred hours online trying to find out what the heck happened, or anyone with a similar problem and pretty much found nothing similar.. i was hoping maybe I could find someone who experienced something similar, or a persons with medical knowledge thoughts on what this could be, if its fixable or permanent?

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6:34 am

its definitely nothing organic or any pathology thats causing the problem. Else ,all your investigation reports wouldnt have been normal.
such sphictor muscle tightness are due to anxiety and stress causing sympathetic overactivity and the muscle to be in spasm.
there is no medicine for this and it will be cured only through exercises, meditation and yoga.
it will definitely be cured, but will take a long time.