Question: Diagnosed with hyperbilirubinemia…please suggest alternate treatment

Hi, I have been diagnosed with hyperbilirubinemia. Total is 1.9 mg/dl and direct is 0.8 mg/ dl.. I have been in ACUTRET 30 MG and FINPECIA for past 7 months.. I have just started taking glucon d 3 times a day and udiliv 150 mg two times a day. In how much time would it bcm normal?? Please suggest alternate measures to cure??

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6:42 am

hyperbilirubinemia is generally a self limiting disease and will generally get normal in a month. the medicines you are taking are absolutely fine.

take high carbohydrate diet, low fat/protein diet. get blood bilirubin levels checked every week.
consult gastroenterologist if you dont see any improvement.