Question: I am in withdrawal – I did all cardiac tests-all normal- bp high?

Hello doc i have been smoking since 3 years which includes chars (weeds) which i quit 3 months ago and also i was doing snuff thing which i did for a year and 10 days ago i quit it i have experienced all the withdrawal symptoms and still I’m concern is that i have tachycardia while walking from 90-120 and it is 70-80 when I’m at rest..but the main thing is that why my bp is risen to 160 /100 in morning and 130/70 at rest or nigh ..i did all cardiac tests everything is normal..sugar cholesterol tsh t4 all normal .really concerned why it is like this my bp am.i still.going thru withdrawals or what because i really don’t want to use medications

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8:21 am

u are right, you are still going through the withdrawal phase and it takes usually lot of time to get back the things to normal.
bp and pulse rate fluctuations are expected during this phase and u should not worry about this.
reduce salt intake, do exercises, meditation.
keep a watch on the bp readings though..if it shoots more than expected, consult a doctor

Hassan khan
Hassan khan
6:31 pm

Plus im 96 kg