Question: I’m 19 years old ….do I have autism?

Hello doctor, i want to ask you question, i always stay in my room i don’t want to go outside i don’t have any friends when somebody talk to me i feel so… Nervous i can’t do work properly when somebody talk i think they’re talk about me & i get angry i have lot anger, i can’t speak properly means i speak but when i talk to somebody i can’t talk perfectly when i go outside from my house all people laughs at me my behavior is not normal i’m 19 years old but i wasn’t like this before 4 years ago, Do i have autism?

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8:09 am

its not exactly autism..
u are suffering from phobia and depression as well. it happens at this age generally due to gross hormonal changes that occur at this age. these changes are usually temporary and go away gradually.
you should have a positive attitude towards life,do what you like to,like listen to music,party out, cooking, gardening etc.
you can consult a good counsellor or psychiatrist to see if you can get prescribed medicines for youself.