Question: Four year old daughter gets covered in bites…doesn’t matter where she is?

My four year old daughters has had this problem for about 2yrs.she gets covered in bites
.legs mostly.very sore and itchy.we’ve tried all doesn’t matter where she home or grandma and away on holiday.people have send its an allergy to pets or food or drink.heatrash even in cold.she’s had creams tablets etc.she taking like e hay fever pill now.and mum stopped blackcurrants drinks..she has a little bit of edema(Sox can’t spell) and doesn’t abuse bubble baths soaps you think its something she’s eating? Should she go and see a skin specialist… We are at our Whits end.can you help. Thanks Jane…if this is not free I amm afraid can’t pay for your advice

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8:13 am

it does seem to be an allergy for sure and usually happens in people who are low on immunity.
more so, i feel, its due to allergy to something she eats. you need to find out from a good dermatologist and start medicines accordingly.

instead of treating the allergy, its always better to prevent it.