Question: Lost 28 lbs in 3 months ..are the changes in lymphocytes and platelets concerning?

I am a 34 year old female; In May 2016 my lymphocyte number was 41, Today, September 2016 the number is 22, the complete lymphocyte went from 4.2 May to 2.5 September…I have been having some symptoms, which is the reason I’ve had blood tests done. I’ve had pain in my joints, deep ear pain (no ear infection) headaches, extreme constant tiredness, excessive very thick mucous, daily nausea, stomach problems. I’ve lost 28lbs in 3 months without trying. I have pins and needles feelings in my hands,lips and legs and a tired feeling in my chest (heart). I’ve had swelling at the base of my neck for about 5 months but ultrasound/chest X-ray negative. ANA was negative SED was elevated. Also have slightly elevated WBC, MPV and MCV. Also platelets went from 340 in May to 407 in September. I’m the interest of ruling out whatever possible I’ve tested for Lyme Disease, Rhuematoid Arthritis and HIV and all have been ruled out. Although in the normal range are the changes in lymphocytes and platelets concerning?

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CONSIDERING YOUR AGE, the blood tests reports that you have mentioned regarding lymphocytes and platelets are definitely of concern. especially if you have raised wbcs, then it signifies infection some where in the body and your doctor needs to find out where it is exactly and start appropriate antibiotics. gradually, the reports will be normal, nothing to worry