Question: Pain in middle of chest?

I am 25 years old, weight: 95 kg, height: 1.63 m, smoking.
Two years ago I moved to Berlin.
About a year and a half I started to feel unclear pains in the middle of the chest (between the breasts) and middle back, usually at night. Pains that wake me from my sleep.
At the first time I went to the doctor, he thought that it is Heartburn, and gave me medication which did not help (Germany: pantoprazol AAA 40mg). In addition, I tried everything to easy the pain: cucumber, baking soda, almonds, etc. At the same time some medicines that should immediately treat heartburn. Note that on nights when the pain came, there was no direct connection between what I ate before bed or while eating (in most cases did not eat dinner). Last week, the pain appeared during the day, and after that I presented to the doctor all the medicines I took, he came to the conclusion that it’s not heartburn.
Details of the drugs:
(Germany): Riopan Magengel
(Germany): Pantozol
Calcium carbonate 750mg

Ultrasound examination showed that I have a large stone in the gallbladder. However, blood tests showed that everything is fine, the stone does not interfere and it should not cause the pain.
Currently, when writing these words, I feeling pain, and the painkillers that the doctor gave me, doesn’t work.
Two weeks ago I had general blood tests and they were normal.
What could it be and how I go from here? Is it connected to the overweight?

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5:18 am

u need to get a ecg and 2d echo done to rule out any cardiac cause.
get hrct chest done to see any intra thoracic pathology