Rashes are spreading throughout my body, is it ringworm?

This happened to my foot and rashes are spreading throughout my body, should I go to the ER? I don’t have health insurance but I’m very scared that this may be an infection. I originally thought it was a ringworm but it’s not. I have dermatitis and would get ringworm shaped dry patches which I was treated for in the past. This however, spread bigger so I thought it was a ringworm and applied over the counter medication

Age: 33
Medications: None

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Ahmed Fawzy
12:22 pm

I recommend going to ER as soon as possible, this can be skin melanoma, hope I am wrong

Ayman Darrag
4:17 am

My opinion this is not ringworm, you should get it checked by a dermatologist asap for possibility of malignancy due to its speed of spread and shape.

Dr.Honey Arora
6:05 am

Are these lesions itchy?
Since how long they are present?
Do they heal and recur or are continuing to spread?

Please revert back..