Recent mammogram abnormal finding, is biopsy needed?

50 yr old black professional and healthy female. Hysterectomy 5 yrs ago but still have overies. Current meds for htn norvac 10 mg qd past 2 yrs, estrace interval vagingal cream 3x weekly for the past 2 yrs. Had breast swelling of both breast and breast pain in both breast. Breast were tender like if you are pregnant. Not pregnant.
Recent mammogram abnormal finding, same day had breast ultrasound small mass of concern in right and left breast. Biospy (scheduled). Needle. Is this safe and needed. Also can I avoid titanium marker. I keloid and think marker is dangerous.

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Ayman Darrag
10:33 pm

Yes biopsy is important in most breast masses … Titanium breast markers are the size of a sesame seed and you can’t feel it. Titanium is a really unreactive metal, not ferromagnetic (don’t expect to set of any metal detectors) and the clip is mean to stay in place so future mammos can pinpoint where you have already had a biopsy. Titanium is the metal of choice for things like knee/hip replacement and it is very safe. It’s a good thing to get the clip placed and have the baseline mammo with the clip so that it can be compared… Read more »

Masr Fawzy
6:46 am

Do MRI and then go for the US guided biopsy,

Titanium markers is not that imp. In managment

8:50 am

biopsy is a must at any cost.this will confirm ether the lesion is malignant or not.
titanium is absolutely inert and safe and can remain inside the body for years together without causing any harmful effects.

Ahmed Fawzy
10:24 am

In my opinion yes you should do the biopsy
Regarding titanium marker , ig is completely safe has no known allergies, no chance of keloid formation due to titanium marker

By the way i do not belive you have any cancer but do the biopsy to be safe

Good Luck