Question: Shooting pain from my heart area to my neck behind the ear across my shoulder

I’ve been getting a shooting pain from my heart area to my neck behind the ear across my shoulder and into my arm upto the elbow sometimes feels like it originates from under the shoulder blade aswell.its like the pain travels through veins as there direct in a line sort of usually quick and sharp takes my breath away but there is a lingering ache in shoulder arm and neck which is more uncomfy then anything else. Thanks In advance for any help. I have been diagnosed with anxiety

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Ayman Darrag
5:29 pm

Hi dear,,, the pain you are describing seems to be originated from a musculuskeletal origin,as pain that is aggrevated with breath taking is usually muscular pain,,you might be having myositis or some intervertebral Muscle cramps…if you are anxious you sometimes takes breath in a way that puts a load on your intercostal muscles and your accessory muscles of the breathing in the neck… If there is no numbness in your arms or pain in some point in your neck.. then it will not be a disc lesion..(excluded by x.ray). if there is no sweating,pain with effort or exercise…(exclude heart problem)… Read more »

7:18 am

these are classical signs of a neuritic pain that may be due to inflammation of the nerves or a nerve compression due to cervical disc prolapse.
get a neck xray/mri done to see whats wrong.
stop using pillows. take analgesics,physiotherapy, local gel,hot fomentation.
neck exercises will help to strenghthen the spine muscles.