Question: My 12 year old boy has Pectus Excavatum…should he continue wearing posture brace?

My 12 year old boy was recently diagnosed with mild Pectus Excavatum. He’s having NO symptoms or difficulties. About a month prior to the diagnosis we had bought a brace for his posture. It’s worn similar to a backpack with a strap around the ribs. My question is..should we continue to have him wear the brace, and if so how often/long? We want to still help his posture if we can but don’t want to make the PE worse. His posture is definitely not the best but we wonder now if it’s not as bad as we thought but the PE is making it look worse.

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Ayman Darrag
5:48 pm

Hi Mam… As you saying if it Is Mild PE … then it will need normally no other interference… wearing the Brace will help your child Maintain a better posture for the PE..chest,back and abdomen… but there are some points you have to keep your eyes on: 1-the Ventilation and respiratory function of your child always follow them up and keep them at level.. 2-avoid the decline in his vital capacity by ensuring he is doing breathing exercises usually. 3-Check normally for his Heart and Mitral valve health are ok.. 4-Let him follow up with a Physical therapist to get… Read more »

7:22 am

it seems that using the brace is the cause of PE. he may be using it quite regulrly and as the bones are quite soft and mouldable at his age, they are getting compressed at chest level.
he can wear brace intermittently followed by daily chest exercises. this will take care of posture as well as PE.
back exercises and yoga are of immense help for postural problems.
give him calcium and vitamin D supplements