I have problems sleeping, what is wrong?

So about 3 weeks ago I was having problems sleeping, I though it was just because I was not doing anything during the day, so my energy was stored, so I did, and it worked, but now I’m having the same problem, like I get so close to falling asleep, then I think of falling asleep, and wake up again, so now I kinda just think it’s a mental thing.
No one in my family has this problem, my doc said that I was really low in vitamin D and Iron, if that helps and I have never had problems sleeping until now and it’s making me want to cry and be sad, I love sleeping I don’t know what to do. Please help me. I don’t want to take sleeping pills as a 18 year old should not help to sleep.
Please help me I’m desperate, just finished my period too, but I don’t think I had it last time I was having this problem – I tried to be my own doctor with Google but I thought I should just ask I professional… they don’t have medicare here so it’s like 140 to visit a doctor.. :,( and also, I don’t think insomnia just comes on ( or does it) when in my whole life I have never had problems, I just think there might be a reason, and I pray to God I want to fix it..
(…), 18, Australian, but live in Bogota, Colombia


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7:57 am

Alright mate, I’m here to help you. What time do you get to sleep and what time do you wake up when you actually manage to fall asleep? I’m surprised you haven’t tried any tea infusion yet. The lime tea is well known in my country and possibly others for relaxing you and it is mostly consumed before going to sleep. There’s lots of factors and contribuitors to your insomnia, such as the amount of pollution in the environment, air temperature, noise, even the color of your bed sheet. Also, the psychological part plays a huge role here, as your… Read more »

6:21 am

u are suffering from anxiety. there are no other issues with u. nothing to worry.

take anti anxiety medicines. hormonal changes occuring at your age mamy be another reason.

take a walk for about 30 min before sleeping and drink a glass of warm milk before sleep