I have much higher blood pressure when resting…is it unusual?

On checking my blood pressure over the last 3 days I have found that i have much higher blood pressure when resting – either on going to bed or waking – 150/100 to 145/95 with a pulse rate of 55 to 63. However when active during the day it varies between 135/90 to 118/74 with a pulse rate of 65 to 80. I am 66 years of age/ 6′ 2″ tall and 15 1/2 stone.
This seems illogical. I am a non smoker and light drinker and have no historic illnesses.
I have recently been referred to a cardiologist following a single episode of moderate chest pain that woke me up from sleep and lasted about 1 hour but with no other symptoms. he found no obvious reasons for the pain but arranged an echo cardiogram which showed some enlargement of the arteries in my heart(?) which he wanted to follow up in 12 months.
I am on vacation at the moment so cannot speak to my GP with the findings. Can you advise or confirm that the readings are not unusual or require urgent investigation
Many thanks


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Jean Claude
9:36 am

Variations in Blood Pressure are normal. BP readings should be done by a professional or using a professional BP monitor. However BP usually increases during the day and should be lower at night. 150/100 BP is considered as hypertension and should be treated. You should consult your GP regarding your BP findings.

Dr. B. Lewis
6:55 am

I wouldn’t worry about it during my vacations. And see my doctor when I get back. As long as vacations aren’t too long.

Domina Zluf
12:47 pm

As arteries weaken, they can become enlarged. Enlarged aortas are frequent among people suffering from high blood pressure

7:55 am

If you’re sweating a lot maybe that’s what’s causing it? I’ve heard that sweating literally takes the salt out of your system which causes a drop in blood pressure. So sitting around and eating salty stuff is worse than being active and sweating it out. I don’t know maybe it’s just an old wive’s tale.

7:55 am

there is nothing to worry about. you can get back from vacations and then consult a doctor