Question: Something crawling on my skin but nothing there….I don’t have a doctor

I don’t have a doctor so I came here holding u can help me…I’ve been have this problem for about a year now it starts out like something crawling on my skin an there nothing there when I rub it it goes to my eyebrows same thing I rub it it goes some where else an does same thing my arms my face my neck my legs so please can u tell me what this maybe.. Thank you

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Ayman Darrag
8:49 am

if there is no other or more neurological or physical manifestations.
It is almost due to some anxiety disorder… if you are a thinker and always worried this signs may be present.
sometimes people with high blood viscosity have this problem and it can be treated with drinking plenty of water..

10:34 am

this may be some sort of vitamin deficiency causing the skin to be unhealthy and dry.
you can use olive oil or aloe vera oils for skin nourishment.
also take vitamin E tablets for healthy skin.
avoid sunilght.
vitamin D supplements can help.’

Dr. B. Lewis
2:27 pm

Stress and anxiety can trigger these sensations. Try using management techniques such as meditation, yoga, practicing deep breathing. Avoid caffeine and illicit drugs. Try counselling.