Question: Lower stomach is swollen, and quite hard, breasts swollen – is it serious?

for the last few days I have abdominal discomfort. My lower stomach is swollen, and quite hard. I have an upset stomach most mornings when going to the toilet. I have achy legs and my lower pain is unfortable. I am on the pill and have recently had a withdrawal bleed so I assuming I am not pregnant but I have read you can still have a withdrawal bleed and still be pregnant? My breast are not sore but they are swollen and my nipples are larger than they usually are. Can you please help me as I am worried his could be potentially something a lot more serious if I don’t get advice now. Thank you

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9:07 am

if you have got withdrawal bleed, then seems unlikely to be pregnancy. such changes in breasts do occur due to hormonal changes due to pills.
but still, you cannot rule out pregnancy complete unless you get a ultrasound of abdomen and pregnancy test done.
bHCG test will be more accurate.
if these are negative, then nothing to worry, you can just take anti spasmodics