Question: Lost 100 lbs, coccyx broken, unable to move

Hello. This is regarding my coccyx. I had an accident 18 years ago where I broke my tailbone when I was 13. Unfortunately, my parents didn’t believe me when I complained of the pain, so it went untreated for about a year before I was finally examined as I was not able to sit for more than 10 minutes at a time. When I was examined, the doctor found evidence of my coccyx being broken and a lot of scar tissue. I was told that if it had been treated immediately after the break, I would be in much better shape. They told me that the pain would diminish as time went on, and it did. But it wasn’t until recently after losing over 100 lbs did I realized that the pain was minimal due to fat cushioning my tailbone. For the last two months, I’ve been in a lot of pain while sitting and sometimes lying down on my back. I have to sit on cushions or sleep on my side as a result. Otherwise, I get sharp, stabbing pain, or my lower back will seize up and I’m unable to move from a sitting position until I push against chair arms or a table in front of me to pull myself up. I also feel like my lower back is overcompensating and it has become very sore and feels weak. I take about 500mg of paracetomal a day, but the pain doesn’t abate.
Is the pain still from scar tissue? What kind of treatments should I ask for from my GP? Do I need physiotherapy? Is there anything I should know before seeking treatment?

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8:19 am

if the coccyx fracture has been left untreated and if its causing so many problems now,then there are less chances that the fracture will unite now.
u cant continue taking pain killers like this forever.

u have 2 options.- 1. a local steroid injection shot may give you relief from the scar tissue. u cn repeat the injection for 2 more times if u get relief from the first one.
option 2- removal of coccyx bone surgically.. this is the last option