Suffered multiple concussions, now having headaches, nausea and vision issues?

Hello, I’ve had about 5 concussions within the past three years. The first at a concert hitting a sold metal bar at speed and knocking myself on conscious. At the time i never had an MRI because i was never told that you should by the first aider. Second was in a little bump in the car (i got hit by the wing mirror at speed). Third to fifth i was just clumsy each time and saw a GP for each. My problem now is that i’m finding with each concussion it takes smaller and smaller knocks to cause a problem. Now very small bumps to the head or if i move my head forward fast i start getting very bad symptoms to that of a concussion. I have also been having vision problems the past year where if i look at an object it looks like its moving in and out ‘breathing’ and if there are patterns on the wall or floor the pattern will move inwards on itself. I don’t know if the concussions and vision issues are related. I jolted my head forward yesterday and felt it move inside my head. I’ve been having extreme headaches and some nausea since but haven’t seen a DR yet. I should mention i did head bang quite a lot when i attended concerts. So i’m just asking for advice on what could be happening and any info would be great thanks. Age 21, Female.

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Ayman Darrag
4:16 am

Hi and welcome to question You are suffering post concussion syndrome..normally symptoms should last from weeks to months but sometimes takes longer to resolve ..concerning the cause of your symptoms A number of different theories have been put forward. One theory is that it is caused by tiny areas of bruising or other damage to the nerve cells in the brain, caused by the initial head injury. Another is that the head injury causes an imbalance of chemicals in the brain that leads to the symptoms. The treatment depends on your problems and complains you need to see an… Read more »