I hurt my back dead lifting, I had sciatica in both legs. This lasted for two years, my symptoms now got real bad?

Hi, I’m a 27 year old male, healthy and fit. I hurt my back in 2010 deadlifting, the doctor thought it was either a herniated or bulging disc, I had sciatica in both legs. This lasted for two years, my symptoms got real bad, it was almost the exact description of cauda equina where I would feel like I don’t have control over my bowels and urine though I never lost control of either. I would feel like I have to urinate all the time along with the sciatica pain. Then after 2 full years I was given an MRI, it was negative. I started physical therapy and the sciatica went away. Now 6 years sicne the injury I am still having abdominal issues. My abs cramp up and it feels at times like my stomach is protruding towards the top and other times at the bottom. Then at times it goes flat. Even then though it feels like my stomach or intestines are spasming. I pass bowel movement too often and sometimes have diarhea through not common. I feel like I have to go pee even after i go pee at times. This is also causing erectile dysfunction i.e. I don’t get an erection easily and cannot maintain it long enough for intercourse. MY lower abdominal area feels like it’s spasmed. I was diagnosed with stiff hamstrings, stiff hip flexors (psoas major) and a possible tear in my rectus abdominus at some point which has been repaired with scar tissue making it stiffer than usual. I am working on stretching regularly to build more flexibility. The lingering issues are: stomach prortudes after urinating and showering for a few minutes, trouble getting and maintaining an erection, lower abs feel like they are spasming (stomach/intestines), there is a belt across the lower abs that feels tender to the touch almost as if it’s torn and everything under it feels like it’s spasming. I don’t know what to do, is my rectus abdominus causing all this? Is it torn? what should I do?

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Ayman Darrag
4:28 am

Hi and welcome to question doctors.com Let’s take your problems separated as they are not all linked.. Your rectus abdominus strain may need a full course of rehabilitation by Deep friction massage..heating and laser therapy.. Suffering urine retention mostly due to something with your bladder or kidney that could be an inflammation or stones ..needs drinking a plenty of water and doing keggel exercises (for muscles of your pelvis).. At the same time you are anxious and stressed mostly..this is causing IBS and erectile dysfunction(unless there is no erection at all- as this might be disc related) Yoga..meditation..breathing exercises will… Read more »