I have debilitating shoulder pain, acupuncture, physio and doctors may have caused permanent damage?


I have been suffering with Shoulder pain on and off since I was 14 years of age (5 years). The doctors originally sent me for Physio-therapy which had no effect other than making the pain within my shoulder worse and if not anything introduced me to new pains within the same region. When I went back to the Doctors they told me what the Physio had done had actually made it worse and sent me to a specialist pain hospital to try and determine what to do. AGAIN I was sent for more Physio-therapy but to no avail as this again made it worse, but this Physio did also offer to try acupuncture, which I accepted. For 6 months after a few rounds of Acupuncture I felt a definite improvement in my shoulder but after 6 months the symptoms came back. This is when I decided to go back to my doctors and ask for more acupuncture as it seemed to have worked to some extent. The doctors I attend told me they already had a qualified GP in the Doctors who could perform acupuncture and therefore I wouldn’t need to go back to the lady I had, had previously. The woman I went to was originally very good, but one day she put a needle in around my elbow and I felt it hit the nerve as it was incredibly painful but I also felt a sudden rush of pins and needles down my arm and couldn’t feel part of my hand properly. I raised my concern with the doctor explaining that it was in the nerve to which she pushed it further and asked ‘is that through’!!! Since then my injury has become practically debilitating as its a 24hour constant plain that seems to have only gotten progressively worse, the lady also used acupuncture needles in my neck and now I get pain there which I never had before. This happened over a year ago now and another Doctor I went to see believed it was permanent nerve damage but I just wondered what you could recommend.

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