I am experiencing, joint pain, aches, swollen feet, and blue veins around my joints?

i have a medical history with my right kidney ,in my teens 15 i had a reimplantation of the tubes ,my right kidney was damaged and enlarged and ony filtered 50percent, this improved once i had a reimplantation of tubes through the uretha ,i am now 22 and am struggling with a dull ache in the right side in this cold weather , i also have been experiencing joint pain ,starting in my swollen feet and then my right knee flared up ,recently i have joint pain in my hands and elbows , my hands and elbows have all blue vains around the joints , struggling to keep hold and grip items for long periods without dropping them or having imediate cramps ,do you think that this could be connected , i have been weeing more , experiencing headaches and fatigue

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