I am experiencing, joint pain, aches, swollen feet, and blue veins around my joints?

i have a medical history with my right kidney ,in my teens 15 i had a reimplantation of the tubes ,my right kidney was damaged and enlarged and ony filtered 50percent, this improved once i had a reimplantation of tubes through the uretha ,i am now 22 and am struggling with a dull ache in the right side in this cold weather , i also have been experiencing joint pain ,starting in my swollen feet and then my right knee flared up ,recently i have joint pain in my hands and elbows , my hands and elbows have all blue vains around the joints , struggling to keep hold and grip items for long periods without dropping them or having imediate cramps ,do you think that this could be connected , i have been weeing more , experiencing headaches and fatigue

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Question: 16 year old girl – joints always ache, shoot pain and click it’s ruining my life

16 yrs old- Why do my joints always ache, shoot pain and click? Desperate, it’s ruining my life. Please please please help xx

Symptoms only present from October 2015 onwards. worst in left ankle, hands (right worse than left), wrists, little finger on right hand, and jaw.
Notes- i’m right handed and have insomnia.

Hi, i’m a 16 yr old female and currently doing my a levels. I’ve always been very sporty -athletics (100m, 200m, hurdles, long jump, high jump and javelin), skiing, snow boarding, swimming, badminton, dance, gymnastics and cheerleading.
I’ve had a few injuries, but no really significant ones -two mild ankle sprains, and one serious ankle sprain (left ankle, 4 yrs ago, 3 yrs ago, and last summer), one mild ankle sprain (right ankle, 3 yrs ago), one mild wrist sprain (right wrist, 2 yrs ago) and the dislocation of my left knee skiing 6 yrs ago.
The pain came on suddenly last October. One morning I woke up and I was stiff and achy all over, I assumed that it was just due to sleeping awkwardly, however over the next few days the aching did not go away, it slightly lessened, but shooting pains began, whenever I move my left ankle or either of my hands sharp shooting pains spread up my leg or arms. Literally all my joints click when I move them, often causing intense pain (this is including my jaw). I used to go to the gym at least 4 times a week, now I’m struggling to go to the gym once a week because of the pain that continues constantly for the next few days.

It’s really beginning to interfere with my everyday life, literally walking and talking hurts. I’m only 16 so i’m getting really really desperate for a cure, any ideas and/or advice would mean the world to me, thank you.

Note- I have insomnia too, so any ideas for that would also be greatly appreciated.
I’m right handed- lead with left hand in gymnastics-, very arty and into textiles.

Thank you so so much, love (…) xx

Allergies- Elastoplast and Erythromycin

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