Both of my feet and ankles swelled up really bad and were very painful, also red?

So about 12 days ago, at night, both of my feet and ankles swelled up really bad and were very painful, also red. It was mostly gone the next morning but later that night it happened again only significantly worse, to the point where I could barely walk. The next few days it was seemingly on the mend and was going good until 2 nights ago now but only the top of the left foot now this time. It feels like I broke it pretty much but I haven’t had any injuries as to where that would happen….I guess I’m just wondering if anyone knows what this is…..?? Please help


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I am experiencing, joint pain, aches, swollen feet, and blue veins around my joints?

i have a medical history with my right kidney ,in my teens 15 i had a reimplantation of the tubes ,my right kidney was damaged and enlarged and ony filtered 50percent, this improved once i had a reimplantation of tubes through the uretha ,i am now 22 and am struggling with a dull ache in the right side in this cold weather , i also have been experiencing joint pain ,starting in my swollen feet and then my right knee flared up ,recently i have joint pain in my hands and elbows , my hands and elbows have all blue vains around the joints , struggling to keep hold and grip items for long periods without dropping them or having imediate cramps ,do you think that this could be connected , i have been weeing more , experiencing headaches and fatigue

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