I have bacterial vaginosis, my partner has gonoccocal urethritis, I’m really worried?

Before I had several sexual partners but as of now I only have one partner. My partner was diagnosed with ngu (non gonoccocal urethritis) because he was experiencing yellowish-green discharge. I went to have myself checked and I was diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis. I was prescribed metronidazole forte a vaginal suppository (1 suppository a night for 7 days). My partner was also prescribed meds and took an anti-gonorrhea injection. When I went back to my ob-gyne she said I was already cured. When my partner and I had intercourse without condom, it was very painful for me. I went to another ob-gyne and I was diagnosed with vulvovaginitis and uti because of my high wbc count in my urinalysis. She prescribed Cefuroxime 500 mg (2x a day with an interval of 12hrs for 1 week) and Travocort Cream (2x application within a day). My partner told me that his ngu came back because he noticed he had yellowish-green stains again and he’s also taking his meds. I’m done with my medications and will soon visit my ob-gyne again for a follow up check up. I just want to know if my past bacterial vaginosis, vulvovaginitis and uti has caused my partners ngu? I’m really worried because he has ngu for the second time now and I don’t know if it is because of me. Would like to hear from you asap! Thank you.

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Question: I think I may have bacterial Vaginosis

I think I may have bacterial Vaginosis but am not sure. I recently had a new sexual partner, (always with protection apart from once for a few seconds) and also recently came off of my period once leaving a tampon in for too long overnight. Since these events I have noticed a thick white discharge which smells fishy and metallic accompanied by some itching around the vaginal entrance. I am using canesten for the itch but am not sure how to solve the rest of the problem. I am very prone to thrush but it’s never had an odour before and the discharge is thicker. I am also slightly concerned that it could be gonorrhea. I am currently traveling in Cambodia so it is difficult for me to have access to good health care.

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