Question: I think I may have bacterial Vaginosis

I think I may have bacterial Vaginosis but am not sure. I recently had a new sexual partner, (always with protection apart from once for a few seconds) and also recently came off of my period once leaving a tampon in for too long overnight. Since these events I have noticed a thick white discharge which smells fishy and metallic accompanied by some itching around the vaginal entrance. I am using canesten for the itch but am not sure how to solve the rest of the problem. I am very prone to thrush but it’s never had an odour before and the discharge is thicker. I am also slightly concerned that it could be gonorrhea. I am currently traveling in Cambodia so it is difficult for me to have access to good health care.

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5:43 am

hi there..
i have gone through your query and understand your concern..
the signs you have mentioned are of a early vaginal infection for sure.

it can occur due to hormonal changes, poor hygiene, or change of partner.

to get immediate relief, u should take a 3 day course of anti fungal tablets and anti histaminic tablets orally.

also put in a vaginal antifungal pessary to act locally


Scott Rebich
12:36 pm

Bacterial vaginosis is the most common cause of vaginal discharge in reproductive-aged women. It is caused by a disturbance in the normal vaginal flora resulting in an increase in the vaginal pH, discharge, and fishy odor. In most women, it does not cause itching so there might be an additional candida infection with it. Women with symptomatic candida infections report itching, burning, irritation, burning with urination, and a white thick discharge. Bacterial vaginosis not a sexual transmitted disease, but there is a higher rate of bacterial vaginosis in women with multiple sexual partners. When you return home, you need to… Read more »